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Copper Half Round

I specialize in copper half round gutters. Their elegant old-world form with copper's robust weathering properties make for a beautiful addition to most any structure. I have the half round formed from heavy 20 oz copper. I create custom 1/4 inch thick copper brackets to hold the gutters from below. There are no spikes going through to create leaks or backup leaves.

RadiusCopper Half Round

The gutter portion of your project can get tricky when the architecture calls for a curved facia. I have the ability to form copper half round gutters to a radius as tight as 4 feet. This creates a seamless, aesthetically pleasing look for such a centerpiece!

Leaf-Catch Boxes and Leader Heads 

I custom fabricate accessories for gutter systems out of super heavy 32 oz copper sheet. Leaf-catch boxes are usually installed knee-high and allow you to clean out leaves, pine needles, and other debris before reaching your drainage field. I can replicate scuppers and leader heads to match existing historical pieces if necessary.


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Portland Oregon

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